Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's Been A While

It's been a little over a week since I last posted. I hope you've all felt my absence and have been wondering "where in the world is Melissa Sandiego?" Just kidding. But to recap, I'll fill you in on whats been going down in the wonderful world of myself.

Last weekend consisted almost entirely of a retreat with my Dominican Republic team. We spent the weekend getting to know each other and familiarizing ourselves with our mission, and I can honestly say that I feel so much closer to all the members of my team, and am so looking forward to the time we'll spend together in just a few short weeks. This retreat was followed by a sunday excursion with my mom to Gloucester. She went to church with me and took me to lunch at the tiniest and most adorable diner, that served marvelous fresh seafood. Last weekend was so revitalizing.

Unfortunately, the rest of the week put a bit of a damper on the wonderfulness of this weekend. Two exams, an anniversary of a death, a cracked Macbook screen, and a lonely holiday left me feeling pretty rung out through to early saturday morning. Yesterday, however, I got out of bed around 11:30 and get ready for the day, which I spent with my beautiful roommate and her best friend, trolling around North Shore Mall in preparation for Gordon Globes {which, to my relief, I was unable to attend}. I spent the evening in Beverly taking care of the two and three year old that I regularly babysit, getting pelted with tiny {and thankfully, rather painless} toys, and the reading Chamber of Secrets quietly until my employers returned, and I was delivered to my dorm safe and sound at an early 11:00pm.

Liz and Amanda, along with a couple of Liz's friends took an after-Globes excursion to Denny's and returned around 2 O'Clock am. I woke up very warm and very confused. I thought that I had heard Liz tell me that I needed to get up, and because I didn't realize it was still the very wee hours of morning, I murmured "five more minutes" into my pillow and went back to sleep, waking around 6 with a horrible nightmare that forced me to experience, subconsciously, the possession of a small child {which I suspect was influence by the viewing and discussion of Nikki Minaj's performance at the Grammy's. I wouldn't recommend anyone who is particularly fond of their soul watch that}. Then, I got myself out of bed at 9:30 and went to church, which, while I do love my church, wasn't as great as last week. After church, I spent a few hours with Chuck and his friend Ginger, talking about the sermon and talking about life, and I now feel prepared to face the week {with the exception of a bit of homework that I still need to complete}.

I now have only 19 days until we take off for Central America!

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