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They will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good evening

Saturday night and I can actually say that for the first time I saw Anasapphira play live. Who's Anasapphira, you ask? Why, just the greatest band e'er.

Actually, today was the first time I had ever heard them play, and I went to this show on a strict obligation. You see, the tall, lanky man standing at the far left in the above picture is a friend from home. We went to Honduras together, and braved the terrors of Parkhurst & Co., Inc. together. We helped one another through a pretty rough time and we keep in touch now that I'm back at school. I love 'im. But like a brotha. 
However, the music that he tried to expose me to is what we, here at Gordon College, call "hardcore". I.e., metal, screamo, what have you. All in all, not my kind of music. But the thing about this kind of music is that you can actually feel the passion and energy that they have just from being present.

[Ana Sapphira errone]

That is, if you don't get stepped on and thrown around, which is a pretty viable threat.
Their front man is nuts. In a really awesome way. Its so cool to watch them interact and to watch them feel what they're playing and singing. Just an overall awesome experience. 
There may even be a chance that I would go to another one of their shows. I've been told that they're pretty solid for a metal band (woohoo!). However, I'm 5'3" and 110 pounds so I would be tossed around that place like a feather. I may have to weigh the pros and cons (and the value of my life) before I decide to go. 
On another note, I attended this show with three guys; we'll call them Tom, Dick, and Harry. Harry is a sophomore who I met through college bound (which I'll touch upon at a later time). He's pretty much a space case but he's really thoughtful and really nice. When I was getting trampled, I escaped, and he followed me out to make sure I was all right. Good guy.
Dick is wonderful. A junior at Gordon, he's crazy and hilarious and precious. Also a really good guy. He tried to protect me from the mosh pit, to little avail.
Ohhh boy. I'm basically in love with him. Which isn't something I should probably be confessing to online. But the chances that he'll stumble upon this are incredibly slim, so I'll worry not. He's a guy that's been through hell for basically his whole life. It's worsened over the past few months. There was a girl involved and family problems that I don't know the depth of but basically, he's a great guy with a lot of bad, messed up, problems. To make things worse, he's one of my ex's best friends (score!). Ultimately, the last person I could ever be involved with. Sooo we'll be working on that. Right there on my to-do list. 
So its saturday night. Tomorrow I get up for church and then spend the afternoon with my beautiful aunt, and then waste away the evening doing homework, and then we begin another beautiful, wonderful week!

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