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They will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Day Crafting Came to a Close

...well, almost. and just for this break.

I head back to school on tuesday, so tonight I decided to tie up all the loose ends of my crafts so that I could empty space in my trunk for packing space {and so that I had some decorative touches to bring back to l'ecole}.

First pictured is part of my mess and a 
print I made.

Next Pictured is another print I'm in the
process of making.

Third is the Paris poster I had hanging
in my dorm room all semester
It took a beating, so I cut it up
and put it on the old backings of picture
frames. Now it looks pretty sweet.

So for a solid two or three hours my room looked like this:

Which is only slightly worse than it has been for upwards of a week or so. Now, however, due to my motivation to clean and to pack {being that I could not walk through my room without stabbing myself in the foot with something or tripping over something} my room now looks like this:

Which is much cleaner than I could have hoped for. I'm pleased. 
{p.s. in the corner there you see the trunk I painted. Don't believe I've posted about that craft yet.}

What better way to end this break than by crafting my little heart out {and then cleaning it up}?


  1. Its so bizarre!
    I have spent more time in that room than I can count, but it looks so different!!
    Oh wait- You said you cleaned it ;P

  2. the only thing thats really changed is the cleanliness. and there are some new stains on the carpet. haha