Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

So today Zeke got pretty sick and my parents left around nine to take him to the hospital. My mom refused to take him to Speare or Lakes Region, both of which are within half an hour of me, and instead opted to drive a solid hour to Dartmouth so that, in case he should need surgery {she worried that his illness was appendicitis}, the doctors would know what they're doing and his whole medical history. Zeke was airlifted to dartmouth only a few hours after he was born, and immediately thereafter had a whole myriad of surgeries and such. He lost weight between the time he was born and his eleventh month. Where he was born at around seven pounds, he weighed six when they brought him in when he was eleven months old. Zeke's got a pretty complicated medical history. He's been doing really well with us, since we got custody of him about three years ago. So I'm really hoping he's okay. I can't get a hold of my parents via cell and I'm not concerned enough to call the hospital, but it's two in the morning and I hate going to sleep in this house by myself so I am fairly concerned. Bleh.

On a significantly happier note, I crafted hardcore today. It was pretty nice. I'm making a laptop sleeve and it will be sooooo pretty when I'm done. It's anthro-inspired so I'm super pumped about it. I fought with the sewing machine a fair amount tonight what with threading and and parts falling off inexplicably and whatnot but what i've got done so far is wicked pretty. Hoo yeah.

I also did a tad bit of online shopping today, and while I'm experiencing a bit of buyer's remorse, I did get things that I needed. A new coat, a new book bag {earrings because I was only $2.80 away from free shipping} so I'm pretty excited about those coming in the mail. HOWEVER, I need to order books this week. Not so much fun.

And I head back to school in nine-ish days.

Here's Zeke {he's wonderful}:

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  1. I always get so worried for him :(
    I remember the night he was born, and we spent forever in that hospital with him.
    I love that little man.