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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Harry Potter and Biblical Imagery?

All right, call me a blasphemer {don't really, that would hurt my feelings} but as I've begun to watch these movies and read these books, its become evident to me that they're packed with all sorts of biblical imagery, and even prove applicable to our lives.
Back ground information? When I was in third or fourth grade, my entire elementary school went to see the first harry potter movie. Every Christian has probably heard the speel, we need to avoid witchcraft and we shouldn't expose ourselves to any such thing. It's demonic and it's evil. So for the past many years {since third or fourth grade} I've avoided Harry Potter like the plague. They played it on the bus on our way to DC and I read and listened to my music the entire time. But coming here, my roommate is a little more than obsessed, my friends are all enamored by Harry Potter and consequently Daniel Radcliffe, and to say the least, I was parading around the outside of the circle. So I gave in, thinking "how can I make this decision for myself unless I experience it for myself?" and what I found was that these movies, as previously stated, are not only not pagan worship, they are also filled with biblical imagery.
For instance, Harry has to die in order for Voldemort to be defeated. Sorry, spoiler's alert if you haven't experienced. Then, how about in the fifth movie when Harry says to Voldemort "you're the weak one." I mean, you could call that spiritual warfare and spiritual weapons. Which is, in itself, a very important lesson to take out of life, and this movie depicted it so clearly. Then the value of love, and how love is the only thing that saved Harry, the way that Harry is fulfillment of prophesy, the list goes on an on. I especially appreciate the Fawkes the Pheonix scene, how he's reborn from his own ashes.

Its fascinating really. I wonder if I could get my mom to have an open mind about this, because it would be nice to share this with her.
I'm only sad that I was exposed to it so late in life.

This evening I watched the fifth movie, The Order of the Pheonix, and while many people seem to dislike it, I absolutely loved it. Very good.

I wanted Harry to marry Hermione, Ron to marry Luna, and Neville to marry Ginny. That would've been ideal. Mostly because I think Harry and Hermione belong together. But that's that.

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