Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good one, God

If there was ever any debate about whether or not God has an impecable sense of humor, take a magnifying glass to my life and there's your evidence.
Now, I just got out of a relationship. A good one, mind you, so while I'm still harboring feelings for him, they're not negative, and I'm not experiencing any aversion to men or anything like that. So there are two that I find relatively attractive.
Thinking about this, it's weird for me. Never have I been even relatively interested in two guys at the same time. Well I guess "interested in" is too specific a term. In fact, I'm not interested in either, would not expect anything from whatever you might call what this is, but lets call it a crush for now. If I want to feel like a twelve year old.
Any way, yesterday, on my way back from the gym, my roommate and I stopped at the dining hall so we could get milk for our cereal. I'm there in my hideous gym clothes and my frizzy hair and my face with makeup smeared around like paint. And of course, there he is. He who shall go unnamed for sake of anonymity. And what's more, he sees me. Of course he sees me. Because it's funny that he should. So he smiles and waves and I almost melt because I am completely undeserving of his notice, and my wonderful roommate looks at me and basically screams "awwwww that's so presh." Well, thanks Liz. He probably heard you. So good, happens to everyone, right?
Now the second of these two gentlemen has caused me a great deal of anxiety for varied reasons over the past month, and I have been holding something against him for a week now. A grudge of sorts, although I don't really think that I hold grudges. Not legitimate ones. But basically, I've been angry with him for about a week. We won't get into the why of the matter, but there it is.
And today, of course, God decides to play a joke on me. So I'm sitting at dinner, shoving my face with a very messy meal that I constructed myself, I'm a mess of marinara and cheese, and who should come up to me but this young man, who we'll call subject number two. I've mentioned him in a previous post or two. And does he say hello? No, instead he walks up behind me and holds my head in his hand and says "Aww that's so cute! You're so cute!" And kisses me on the top of the head.
First of all: What?
Next: Really?
And my roommate asks him to sit down. Thanks Liz. And now here I am, sitting across from him with marinara sauce practically running down my face while he talks about thanksgiving and what not, and I'm stuttering and stammering, unable to think of the right thing to say {which certainly is not unusual for me} and he's just sitting there, more chipper than usual. Wonderful.
So now, how can you be angry at someone after that? Wish I could be, but I just can't. I guess it's a lesson. When I figure out what kind of lesson, I'll let you know {I probably won't, don't get your hopes up}.

Also, my room smells like garbage.
Enjoy your evening.

Note: I hope you don't find me a blasphemer. I really think God does have a sense of humor, and I'm not bitter about these experiences but find them completely ridiculous, albeit somewhat unfortunate.

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