Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

People Who Inspire Me:

  1. My mom {a lot}
  2. Nate, my ex boyfriend and good friend
  3. Katie, a good {maybe best} friend from home, who despite many strenuous circumstances, still has a sunny outlook on her present and future life.
  4. Elise, another good friend from home who compromised friendships in the name of love, and ended up being right about it. She got her GED and is now working for the military. 20 years old, and a full-fledged adult. Very proud of her.
  5. Chris. He's been through more than a person should be through and he's still hanging on, although sometimes just by the skin of his teeth.
  6. Chuck, Chris' roommate. He's very optimistic and doesn't let little things get him down.
  7. Sybil Coleman, a social work professor here. She's been through a lot too, but she clings to hope and faith in the Lord, and with His grace performs her job better than anyone I've known.
  8. Sarah, my old RA. She just has this astounding faith that I really admire
  9. Kerstin, her roommate, same reason. Both are really great people who, despite being utterly gorgeous, are very down-to-earth and humble.
  10. Laura; she's struggled with a lot of the same things I have, but she doesn't let it control her life. She really gives me hope. 
  11. Dilon; he only has one hand but is one of the best baseball players the school has seen.
  12. Thia Howard: she's pretty much a walking miracle. After struggling with stage 4 melanoma, she's alive nine or ten years later to talk about it, is in full remission, and is doing remarkably well.
  13. Pastor Steve and his wife, who are both struggling with Lyme's disease, but are handling it with grace. 


  1. But not Aubrey :( You're very best friend forever.

  2. oh hush, lady. you inspire me too

  3. ummm....good (maybe best) whats that jkjk you almost made me cry!!